First BIT to hold free training course for FirstBIT Accounting

First BIT to hold free training course for FirstBIT Accounting


First BIT is conducting a Free Training Course to assist those who have subscribed for FirstBIT Accounting on how to manage the full-cycle accounting software.
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1st session - November 19th at 11:00 am
2nd session - November 20th at 11:00 am
3rd session - November 22nd at 11:00 am

online webinar - live stream via the Internet. 


Details about the Free Training Course as follows:
1st Session
  • Getting Started with the Interface
  • General Settings for the Company
  • General Settings for Sales and Purchasing
  • General Settings for Money
  • Entering the Company Data
  • Specifying the Accounting Parameters
  • Adjusting the Default Chart of Accounts
  • Using the Default Accounts
  • Populating the Companies Catalog
  • Reviewing Warehouses and UOMs
  • Creating Inventory Items and Services
  • Entering the Beginning Balances

2nd session 
  • Demo Company: Purchasing
  • About Input VAT
  • Configuring VAT (Checklist) 
  • Invoices and Tax Invoices Received
  • Additional Expenses and Tax Invoices 
  • Importing the Goods 
  • Preparing a Customs Declaration 
  • Purchasing for Consumption 
  • Prepayments and Related Tax Invoices 
  • Recording Outgoing Payments 
  • Reviewing Purchases on Reports 
  • Getting Started with VAT Reports  
3rd session 
  • Demo Company: Sales
  • Customer Invoices and Tax Invoices 
  • Exporting the Goods and Services 
  • Customer Prepayments and Related Tax Invoices
  • Recording Incoming Payments 
  • Preparing VAT Return 
  • Backing Up the Database
  • Deleting the Documents and Objects 
  • Correcting Customer Invoices  
FirstBIT ensures that all users of FirstBIT Accounting can have a complete grasp of the accounting software to maximize its full potential and help them in achieving their business goals.

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