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FirstBIT Accounting is the Federal Tax Authority approved VAT compliant accounting software


Features and Prices

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Deferred Expenses / Revenue
120 AED 220 AED
Fixed Assets
145 AED 260 AED
HR & Payroll
475 AED 852 AED
145 AED 260 AED
PDC Cheques Accounting
95 AED 170 AED
POS Interface
396 AED 755 AED
396 AED 755 AED
Project Costing
396 AED 755 AED
Consignment of goods
145 AED 260 AED

How many users?


It's include 1 database only. To add more databases, please contact us.


Is hosting required?


Choose this option if you want to have a self-hosted FirstBIT Accounting installation that you can access from anywhere in the world, but don’t want to invest in purchasing and maintaining server & IT infrastructure.

Hosting includes 1 database only. To add more databases, please contact us.


Choose add-ons modules

For detailed description, please scroll down to the next section

Fixed Assets480 AED480 AED
Production1050 AED1050 AED
HR & Payroll1580 AED1580 AED
Cheques320 AED320 AED
Orders480 AED480 AED
Project Costing1050 AED1050 AED

FirstBIT Accounting Core Features:

  • VAT Accounting Parameters;
  • VAT data for invoices, quotations, customer orders, invoices received, purchase orders;
  • VAT data for advance payments, advance payments received;
  • Preparation of tax invoices;
  • Preparation of tax credit notes;
  • Export, Import (Reverse Charge);
  • Customs Declarations;
  • Manual VAT adjustment for complicated cases;
  • Output VAT analysis;
  • Recoverable VAT analysis;
  • Automated VAT return filing as per UAE VAT laws.
Income and Expenses Income and Expenses
  • Accounting by: Departments, Business Activities, Income items, Expense items, Projects
  • Viewing income and expenses when entering primary documents
  • Automatic calculation of exchange rate differences
  • Automatic cost allocation for calculating the financial result by business activities and departments
  • Flexible configuration of cost allocation
  • Analysis of income and expenses
  • Financial result analysis
Cash Assets Cash Assets
  • Accounting by: Petty Cashes/Bank accounts, Cash flow items
  • Cash transactions
  • Bank transactions
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Balances
  • Payment calendar
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Expense reports by employees
  • Analysis of settlements with advance holders
Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting by: Companies, Contracts, Payment/shipment documents
  • Manual adjustment of settlements
  • Automatic or manual matching of advance payments and shipment documents
  • Settlements Reconciliation
  • Mutual settlements analysis
  • Aging analysis of settlements
Inventory Inventory
  • Accounting by: Warehouses, Items, Characteristics, Batches
  • Inventory transfer
  • Assigning additional expenses to inventory costs
  • Stocktaking
  • Inventory write-off
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Accepting inventory for safe custody
  • Transferring inventory for safe custody
  • Transferring inventory for processing
  • Receiving inventory after processing
  • Analysis safe custody inventory
  • Stock statement and balances analysis
  • Analysis of inventory accepted for consignment sale
  • Analysis of inventory transferred for consignment sale
Purchasing Purchasing
  • Receiving goods and services from suppliers
  • Goods and services returns to suppliers
  • Setting suppliers prices
  • Consignment sales
  • Purchasing analysis
  • Accounts payable analysis
Sales Sales
  • Selling goods and services to customers
  • Goods and services returns from customers
  • Sales analysis
  • Gross profit analysis
  • Accounts Receivable analysis
  • Setting sales prices
  • Consignment sales
Payment Terms Payment Terms
  • Setting payment terms for contracts and invoices

  • Payment terms analysis


More than accounting or invoicing tool. It’s an all-in-one solution for small business with set of powerful features.
You can choose different add-on modules along the way or upgrade to FirstBIT ERP directly without migration of the data.

Make FirstBIT Accounting Even Better With These
Add-ons Modules

Project Costing Project Costing
  • Project кey Information

  • Project estimations

  • Incomes and expenses accounting by projects

  • Cash flow accounting by projects

  • Purchases and sales accounting by projects

  • Data analysis by projects

Fixed Assets Fixed Assets
  • Accepting fixed and intangible assets

  • Calculating depreciation of fixed and intangible assets (straight-line or unit-of-production methods)

  • Changing depreciation parameters of fixed and intangible assets

  • Sales of fixed and intangible assets

  • Writing off fixed and intangible assets

  • Issuing fixed and intangible assets to an accountable person

  • Retaking fixed and intangible assets from an accountable person

  • Analysis of changes in the cost of fixed and intangible assets

  • Net book value and accumulated depreciation analysis

  • Analysis of output by fixed and intangible assets

Cheques	Cheques
  • Cheques received

  • Cheques issued

  • Analysis of cash flow by cheques

Production Production
  • Assigning specifications for finished goods

  • Production orders

  • Transferring materials from inventory to production

  • Production of finished goods

  • Posting of reusable waste

  • Allocating tangible and Intangible Costs to production costs

  • Receiving inventory for processing

  • Inventory processing report

  • Calculating the cost of production

  • Analysis of production order fulfillment

  • Planned cost of production

  • Output production cost analysis

Orders Orders
  • Purchase and Customer Orders tracking

  • Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Orders Adjustments

  • Payment analysis by purchase orders

  • Analysis of purchase orders fulfillment

  • Customer orders

  • Customer orders adjustments

  • Payment analysis by customer orders

  • Analysis of customer orders fulfillment

  • Reserving inventory for customer orders in stock and purchase orders

  • Inventory Reserves analysis

  • Demand planning

  • Forecasted stock movement schedule

  • Analysis of customer order placements

HR & Payroll HR & Payroll
  • Keeping personal data of employees

  • Employment

  • Employee transfer

  • Changing employee remuneration

  • Dismissals calculation

  • Organizational planning

  • Working time management

  • Flexible configuration of work schedules

  • Part-time employment

  • Analysis of employee information

  • Organizational plan analysis

  • Vacation balances analysis

  • Personal documents validity analysis

  • Working time analysis

  • Flexible configuration of various accruals and deductions

  • Payroll calculation

  • Sick leaves calculation

  • Vacations calculation

  • Payroll reserves

  • End-of-service calculation

  • Loans to employees

  • Payroll sheets

  • Payroll analysis

  • Analysis of payroll reserves

  • Payslips

Deferred Expenses & Deferred Revenue Deferred Expenses & Deferred Revenue
  • Deferral creation at the time of purchase/sale

  • Flexible deferral parameters

  • Automatic expenses/income recognition during month-closing process

  • Manual adjustment of amounts to be recognized as expenses/revenue

  • Analysis of deferred expenses/revenue

 Point of Sale (POS) Point of Sale (POS)
  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Full integration with the base functionality

  • Restricted access for user

  • Sales of goods and services

  • Goods returns

  • Sales order creation

  • Barcode scanner integration

  • Control of inventory levels

  • Manual and automatic discounts

  • Payment processing

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250,000+ customers manage their business with First BIT solutions
Senat MEA Management Consultancy
“The FirstBIT Accounting solution allows us to keep accounts in line with the UAE local law while at the same time preparing financial statements according to international standards.
Our accountants are now fully capable of analyzing client activities and key financial performance indicators without resorting to manual calculations. Reports are now coming faster thanks to flexible configuration capabilities based on our specific needs and demands.
We will gladly recommend First BIT to anyone as a reliable and competent partner.”
Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC
“Our company needed an accounting system to help us keep control of goods movement from purchase to handover to clients and receiving payment for shipping.
With FirstBIT software we got a convenient high-quality accounting system, and the additional improvements implemented by First BIT provided us with all the necessary tools while taking into account the specific nature of our business. As a result, not only did we speed up and increase the quality of control over incoming payments, but also increased our income. Customer loyalty also increased owing to the discounts and gifts functionality.
We thank the experts from First BIT for their professional and prompt work, attention to our needs and concerns.”
Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC
“One of the important advantages of FirstBIT is full compliance of its accounting system with the UAE law.
First BIT experts installed the software and performed all necessary setup, entered initial balances and required changes in the chart of accounts. The initial data was moved from Excel to an information database. The invoice to the client for paying the order is generated automatically based on the job card. Standard reports were modified taking into our account individual needs.
The FirstBIT product enabled automating the calculation of salaries and other payments as well as the accounting of internal loans to employees. A reliable accounting of expenditures by cost items allowed controlling the company expenditures and increased accuracy of planning.
Moreover, the new system helps the company to receive management reporting with any required level of detail.”
Athar Business Machines FZE
“Implementation of FirstBIT solution enabled an organized workflow, with all quotations created and orders/invoices sent in a transparent way. Account managers became able to keep everything on track and know the status of receivables, bank transactions and cash flows. Standard reports were customized to the our specific needs.
The fulfilled project allowed to increase the quality of accounting and accuracy of calculations, eliminated human mistakes and considerably increased the overall productivity of company personnel.”
Gamma Tech FZE
“We got a system that lets us work comfortably. The biggest advantage for us is the clarity and organization of the data, now we can just see the whole chain of documents and see the picture. It helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself.”
Akzo Nobel Lakokraska
“Thanks to the First BIT’s solution we managed to significantly reduce our labour costs for personnel and fiscal record keeping and accounting. Generating IFRS statements has never been so easy and fast! In the past we had to manually collate all data in spreadsheets and then double-check it several times, now this is done by a software we fully trust."
Emerson Process Management
"Since we have installed FirstBIT Accounting, we have significantly cut on our labour costs of staff responsible for regulatory reporting. The database is updated on a quarterly basis to include all the innovations in the legislation. We are happy with the software."
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
“FirstBIT solution is easy to install and use, it’s very reasonably priced, and apart from generating accurate current IFRS statements, it also has an option to generate IFRS statements based on our past period accounting records."
SAS Russia/CIS
"We spent some time searching for a harmonious and totally auditable accounting system that would comply with all the regulatory requirements. The shortest way to solving this problem was to install FirstBIT software.“
Geely Motores
“Thanks to the project, the shareholders feel that the system of internal control over the company's financial and economic activities has greatly improved. The labor costs for the preparation of IFRS statements have gone down. This allowed for better control over the company’s budget, avoiding cash deficiencies and unforeseen expenses.”
Wacker Neuson
Now we prepare IFRS statements twice as fast as before thanks to FirstBIT software. The program’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so we were able to quickly master it.“

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